Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I sign up for the Rewards Program?

A. To access the Rewards Program, go to the main website at Above the masthead you will see "Earn points & win prizes simply by registering". Click on that link and it will take you to the Rewards site to register.

Q. What is the new Rewards Program?

A. The N & O new Rewards program is a points based program. Once registered, members receive points by interacting with our products. This includes starting a print or digital subscription, making a renewal payment, regularly accessing our replica electronic edition, converting to easy pay, viewing a video, activating your digital account, sharing an article on social media, upgrading your subscription, signing up for Dealsaver, subscribing to Newsletter, read x articles per week, download or listen to Podcasts. Members also earn points by accessing the Rewards site and participating in activities such as taking a daily quiz, participating in the reader challenge, answering a poll or survey or refer friends to The News & Observer. Points earned can then be used on prizes such as discounts to restaurants, car washes, dry cleaners, and events around town. We will also offer movie passes, concert tickets and special events from time to time that points can be redeemed for.

Q. I don't subscribe to The News&Observer, but purchase the Sunday paper from my local grocery store every week, am I eligible to become a Rewards member?

A. Yes, users of all News & Observer products are eligible to become Rewards members. This includes home delivery subscribers, single copy purchasers, digital subscribers, TMC, Sunday Select, list all local market products here.

Q. Do I have to have an email to join?

A. Yes, members will receive their Rewards redemption information through email. Members will also receive notification of upcoming special events, contests, and prizes via email.

Q. How will I get my reward?

A. Once a member redeems points for a prize, they will receive an email that is printable and also Mobile friendly to present to the specific vendor. If the prize is for a ticket or voucher, the email will give instructions on how delivery will be handled.

Q. I entered to win passes to a movie premier but didn't win, how can I see who did win?

A. All recent contest winners are listed on our site, located at ????????????

Q. Can I still use the Press Pass card I currently have?

A. Yes, your Press Pass card will be honored through its expire date. (Fort Worth)

Q. Can I just get another Press Pass card instead of signing up for this new program?

A. I'm sorry, but the Press Pass cards are no longer available. I hope you'll give the new Rewards program a try. It has many ways to earn points, several without even going to the site, lots of great prizes, and it's fun and easy. (Fort Worth)

Q. I took the daily quiz yesterday, but the points were not added to my account, how do I get them added now?

A. I'm so sorry to hear of this issue and will look into it to ensure the program is working properly. I've forwarded this to the appropriate person and will have the points added to your account. Please look for them on your account within the next 48 hours. As a reminder, please make sure you hit the submit button at the bottom of the daily quiz as that completes the action and adds points to your account.

Q. How often do you change/update the list of prizes/rewards?

A. I'm unable to give you a specific date on when the rewards might change. We're always working on establishing partner relationships with all our advertisers so there will be changes from time to time. And of course some rewards are seasonal so we won't have that information until closer to that occasion or event. I recommend checking in on the Rewards page regularly to see what's new.

Q. How do I refer more than one of my friends at a time?

A. From the Earn Points page, click on the Refer Friends tab. At this point you will be able to import contacts through gmail, yahoo, or hotmail by selecting the people you want to promote the program to. All of the contacts selected will receive an email from The News & Observer inviting them to subscribe and become a Rewards member. The email will include a unique link and when clicked on, they will be sent to the paper's main site to subscribe and register. You will receive credit for that action because the link in that email is specific to you.

Q. How long will my reward be good once I've redeemed it?

A. If redeeming for a discount at your favorite restaurant, car wash, dry cleaner, etc., you will have ????? days to redeem your reward before it expires.

Q. I redeemed points for a restaurant, but then had to go out of town so I couldn't use it. Will you send me a new email since that one has expired?

A. I do apologize, but we are unable to resend the redemption email. I will be happy to add XXXXX points to your Rewards member account as a gesture of good will. (Maybe give half the points value of the reward they were unable to use.)

Q. How else can I earn points besides going to the Rewards site?

A. Members earn points by starting a subscription, making a renewal payment, switching to EZ pay, watching our videos, reading XXXX articles a week, upgrading their subscription and several other ways. You may go to ____________________ for a full list of actions that automatically add points to your account.